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Library Newsletter Stories About Samaritan's History

February 2004
When the Nation's Best Known Ophthamologist Practiced in Watertown
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April 2004
A Work of the Highest Charity: The Establishment of Hospitals in Watertown
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June 2004
Mid-Century Frontier Medicine: Dr. Lawrence Withington and 47 Years of Medical Care
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September 2004
Proper Enthusiasm Among the Women: Development of the Women's Auxillary to the City Hospital, House of the Good Samaritan
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February 2005
I Serve: The North Country's First Professional Nurses
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March 2006
Keeping the Doors Open: The House of the Good Samaritan During the Great Depression.
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May 2006
More than Shelter, Warmth, Food and Supervision: Surgery at the House of the Good Samaritan
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July 2006 (Double Issue)
-Bold and Skillful Operators: Gordon P. Spencer and His Descendents
-Loyal Servant of This Institution and the People of This Community: Miss Hibbard's Hospital
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October 2006
The Darkest, Steepest, and Most Awkward Stair Below Ground: The Introduction of X-Ray in Watertown
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December 2006
The Influence of Pure and Undefiled Religion: Samaritan's Founding Fathers
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February 2007
Witness to the Passage of an Era: Frederic Russel Calkins
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July 2007
Accept No Substitutes: The Patent Medicine Industry in the North Country
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