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Nursing Transitions: New Graduate to Professional

Title: Nursing Transitions: New Graduate to Professional 20292 DVD

Producer: Medcom Trainex

Distributor: Medcom Trainex, 2014

Format: 23:00 mins., DVD

Summary: The transition from nursing student to
nurse is difficult. Nursing students enter colleges or universities with the
hope that they will graduate and have a wonderful orientation with a preceptor
who has excellent clinical skills, is kind, compassionate, empathetic, and
respectful and imparts those qualities onto them. Unfortunately, this seldom
happens. Thirty to 35% of nursing graduates leave in the first year and up to
57% leave in the second year. This is a tremendous loss of time and money for
both new nurses and facilities. This
course provides an overview of the challenges faced by the novice nurse, and
facilities integrating the novice nurse into the nursing staff. It describes
strategies the new nurse can take to ease the transition from student to
professional, and programs facilities can institute to facilitate this
transition and protect its investment in the new nurse.

Audience: Nurses

Subject: Nursing

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